12 Great Tips on Dating, Safety, and dealing with Online Scammers

1. always ask for a real name and Google them, if there really wealthy there will be something on them,

2.Ask for more than one photo, and ask for them to be specific, e.g. you want them to ware a red shirt, or one of them having fun outside, or walking there pet.

3. be suspicions but polite, and ask them questions, but don’t grill them you’ll put them off!

4. ask to go on web cam, talk to them on there and on phone, make sure its not a pre-recording, people have been known to take a recording while talking to someone else like on chat roulette and try to pass it off as them.

5. I highly recommended having a speed dile so you can contact a friend or police to come help you, or/ and something you can defend yourself with LEGALLY if something goes majorly wrong may not even be the person your meeting up with e.g.go to a club and someone starts something.

6. always have a polite excuse ready and believable to exit a meeting or anything with a person who you are either just not right for, scared or creept out by.And always have a plan to get home if need be.

7. i would really suggest getting a GPS tracker in your phone and letting a trusted friend/ family member have the code so they can see where you are online through your phone,it could save your life, you could get lost or get in the car with the wrong person.

8. always have a curfew time, even if you “ring” someone to change it, it will discourage any fowl play by anyone,

9. always make sure if your relation ship becomes intimate that you both know your limitations and interests, also do ask about STD’s and contraception. bring your own condoms alllwayyyss! its not just the man’s responsibility!

10. it is best to discus what is expected of you both and allowances and travel arrangements and expenses coverages both before and after you meet, make sure you agree that you both can terminate you relationship at anytime.

11. don’t be fooled by anyone wanting and “interview” before being “paid”, my best suggestion is so that neither parties are jipd outta there money and time, don’t give anyway money or anything, get half of your agreement before and half afterwords.

12. scams! don’t fall for sob stories, my daddy is ill, i need to pay for college or they’ll fail me… all this can be a scam, if they ask you in the future and you trust them still ask for proof, then it’s up to you to decide but it is always a recommend that you never send money for anything over sea transitions before seeing or arranging anything.

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