28 tips for dating after coming directly out of a relationship

Any dating at any age is hard especially after coming directly out of a relationship. If that is the case:

(1) Do casual friendship process first.

(2) Don’t rush

(3) Examine past mistakes. Analyze all that brought you to the point of becoming divorced or having to leave a relationship.

(4) Allow yourself to grow through those past mistakes by:…..going into counseling….. Reading self improvement books….Stay ..without a man…..long enough to realize and grow past what went wrong in the past.

(5) Realize and know that when a woman believes she “needs” a man, this is not healthy and she is not giving herself enough credit. Women if this is what you think, then it is your self esteem that is suffering!

(6) So…..do what you need to create and create to keep a better self esteem that can help you to learn to love yourself. Give yourself value. Allow yourself to grow and do things to enable you to form better self esteem! This will not take place over night.

(7) Allow yourself to heal. Know within yourself that as you choose a future relationship that you will be using healthier and different guidelines than you did in the past.

(8) Knowing you have healed from the past hurt and dysfunctions, then you will know that you have reached a point of no longer believing that you…”need” a man, but instead, at that point you will be able to….”choose” a man…..or not. If not, then know that it IS okay to be …single…and it is okay to remain single.

(9) If you choose to go onto a dating site such as Millionaire Match, be careful what you put…out there,…for others to read. You can always share later with prospective partners, what you believe and what you don’t believe.

(10) Go slow on dating sites

(11) Don’t always believe everything you read or everything you are told.

(12) Be cautious.

(13) Ask questions of prospective dates or partners

(14) Remember, it is YOUR life and you want to be sure that your choices and your decisions are wise.

(15) Upon the point of meeting, meet in a public place!

(16) If something doesn’t feel right or seem right, then,…it probably isn’t right.

(17) Know that it is okay to walk away.

(18) Take things slowly. Don’t jump in too quick!

(19) Be sure that as you go through a new dating process, that you don’t do or say anything you will regret.

(20) Share, share, share

(21) Communicate, communicate, communicate.

(22) If the prospective partner won’t share upfront, then that is probably a good sign the he or she is not a ….”match.”

(23) Again, don’t be afraid to walk away.

(24) Be safe.

(25) When you get back home, evaluate your conversation, your choice of topics or lack thereof.

(26) If you choose to keep going into the dating process, then…learn from your mistakes and learn from your negative experiences.

(27) Don’t allow yourself to keep on making the same mistakes. If you do, then that means that you have not grown to the point of it being healthy for you to start dating again.

(28) Grow…read,….grow some more until you know you are mature and healthy enough to go back and start over

Good luck! Be careful and be safe!

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