3 safety steps when chatting with people online

1st- I make sure to chat for at least a month to make sure i get to know before meeting them and ask the same questions over this period of time…I do this to check the validity of this person. That’s how I can tell if he is being true or not.

2nd- if this person is being pushy and wanting to meet me so soon or seems eager I discontinue messaging him…being pushy like that usually means that he most likely just wants an intimate encounter and that’s not what I am looking for. It could also mean a dangerous situation.

3rd- If I do decide to meet this person.. I let all my close friends know his name, number, where we are meeting, where he says he lives and works. Just in case because you never know. Also take notes of any red flags or anything he may say that makes you feel uncomfortable. Also when meeting this person take note of body language when questions are asked and eye contact.

Now keep in mind its a date not an interview!

By ladybug2016, San Antonio, TX , United States


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