3 things right off the cuff that can quickly spot a fraud

I’ve spent 9-months trying to figure out real vs fake. I thought I developed a system but after reading some of the other fraud post my process won’t solve all of the issues.

There are 3-things right off the cuff that can quickly spot a fraud…

1) Established an email google account which can easily be traced to the location. The scammers know this and will quickly avoid using your email address…. often giving you a phone number that cannot be traced.

2) Ask the interested party for baby/childhood photographs to be posted in there private file.

3) Lastly… asked them for the name of the local supermarket or mall where they live.

These 3 ID’s can qualify the photos as everyone has school childhood pictures, If they refuse to send a message to a gmail, huge RED FLAG, supermarkets and malls are geographical, and neighborhood friendly. This can be easily verified or why send you a warning if they do not know.

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