5 tips to communicate with men

To my fellow women, I have been observing men for a while now, and I believe they are amazing beings, however they are a little lost. You see 50 years ago, men were supposed to have a great career, marry well, have a nice family and provide for the family. Women were the pillars of any healthy life on a man’s world. I don’t say it was an ideal situation and I am not a sexist/feminist, but that is how it was. And then in the last 50 yeas women have acquired so much independence in such a short period of time that man are somewhat lost on what their role are. And dare I say they are a bit afraid. So in this confusion of nowadays, where men are not sure of what to do and what is their role in a woman’s life, and women can have it all without man but still deep down want one (it is ok we are meant to procreate and conquer) there is only one advice I could give: Communicate clearly what you want!

1. Men do not hear our thoughts. If you want him to know, just say it.

2. Men are very practical – say it in fewer key words or show it.

3. Men are sometimes shy and afraid and that could lead to some strange male behavior – don’t be hostile, just explain what your likes and dislikes are and it is OK to suggest how you would prefer to be treated/handled. Just ask.

4. Men do not come with instructions book, neither women, so be your own instruction book, make it clear when you like a situation, a sentence, a gesture, and show your dislike in a constructive way for all other scenarios.

5. Don’t judge, jump into conclusions, interpret or imagine. Just ask!

I hope this helps, not only in dating as in any job interview.

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