5 tips to filter out pretenders from contenders

Let’s be honest here. Every woman would die just to have the wealthiest man of their dreams. More often than not, these tales of expensive love end up with complete financial freedom without having to work a day in your life.

Plenty of women have exhausted numerous hours and limitless energy in search for the perfect millionaire, only to be disappointed that they were relentlessly flirting with a sham. Here are 5 tips that you can use to filter out the pretenders and capture the hearts of the contenders.

1. Pay close attention to everything he says

The most important thing about differentiating pretenders from contenders is recognizing their lies or inconsistencies. Everything he mentions about his personal life or even his work life needs to be consistent. It’s always handy to remember what he says, so that you can determine whether you can trust his words.

2. Find out about his background

Millionaires usually originate from wealthy families. But it would be rude to bluntly ask your new potential boyfriend about his family’s net worth right off the bat. So here’s how you do it. Ask him about the schools that he went to and his hobbies. An expensive school should be enough to tell you that his financial status is legitimate.

3. Ask him about his friends

There will always be the minority of millionaires who stay true to their roots and stick to their childhood friends. But most of them end up succumbing to life’s luxuries and make friends with people of equivalent status. Find out whether his friends are on the same level as him by asking the activities and hobbies that he engages himself in, or even the places or spots that he frequents.

4. Watch out for signs of discomfort

You should always watch his physical reactions to certain questions that you ask. If he’s avoiding something that’s related to his line of work, or the origins of his success, you might have yourself a pretender. Liars and pretenders tend to give vague answers and refrain from going into detail, so you should keep on a look out for that as well.

5. Check him out on social media

It may seem a bit stalkerish, but going through his Facebook profile should give you a pretty good idea whether he’s feeding you lies about his wealth. It’s a reliable source for you to discover the truth about the lifestyle that he leads. Use his profile as a base to check if anything that he said appears to be fabricated or exaggerated.

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