5 Tips to start a New relationship with your Ex

Depending on the length of time that was involved in the relationship and if there was true feelings for each other, a relationship can be restored even if you were the one who was dumped. Even if the relationship is not restored, following these tips will strengthen you to move forward with your life.

1. Stop calling, texting, emailing your ex. Go into “invisibility mode” with them. The relationship you had with them is over and you cannot hold on to it. When you let it go, and trust me it can be one of the hardest things to do, you will become stronger. You will feel more in control because you are now choosing to move forward with your life instead of dwelling on the past.

2. Find something to occupy your time with. Re-learn yourself and your gifts/talents. By doing this you are creating strength within yourself and also the attractiveness needed to win back the attention of your ex because once you have went into “invisibility mode” with your ex, they will actually start thinking about you more often. They will wonder why you stopped communication and what is going on in your life. It will give them the chance to actually start missing you because you will be on their mind more. The earlier you do this in the break up the better.

3. Do not jump into another relationship to create jealousy. This is just bad for everyone involved. More hearts will be broken rather than healed. You need to focus on healing your heart before you can even think about getting back with your ex or starting something new. No one can move forward if they have pain that they are still dealing with in their hearts.

4. Be prepared for silence from your ex. It will take time, weeks and even months, but your ex will contact you (if they really cared about you) because they will be wondering what is going on in your life. Do not sit by the phone waiting for them to call or text. This is a complete waste of your time and energy. When they do finally call, keep it short and the less details the better. Let them do all the talking and if they start talking about the relationship, keep your answers and comments short. No emotions. Show them that you are no longer hurt and are moving on with your life. Remember be in control of the situation. After a few mins, end the call. Suggest that you talk with them again at a later time and leave it at that.

5. Focus on building a new relationship with your ex. At this point no matter what type of relationship you have with them, it is going to be new. Do not think of the past experiences with them, this will hurt you and hinder your progress. Think of it as a brand new relationship. If there is an agreement to build a friendship then focus on that, but continue to focus on yourself. Do not loose focus of the positiveness you need to create in your heart and in your life. Continue to be individual, be yourself because whether you are able to restore your relationship with your ex or not, you will need to be strong in who you are to start a relationship with anyone.

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