5 Warning Signs You May Be Dating A Married Man

Unless you enjoy being labeled as ‘the bitch that destroyed my family’, you’re not going to enjoy the arduous and pointless process that comes with dating a married man. In all honesty, no one likes to be the third party in a relationship or to be kept as a secret love affair. It wouldn’t be the most pleasant experience for his heartbroken wife and neither will it be any better for you. It’s been said a countless number of times; prevention is the best remedy. So here are five clear warning signs that you’re dating a married man.

1. You have ever been to his house

Naturally, a married man wouldn’t want his secret love life being mentioned anywhere near his own home. This explains why he comes up with a million excuses every time you ask him whether you can come over. Either that or he’ll just simply ignore your suggestion and give you specific instructions to meet him elsewhere. If he’s hiding his home from you, chances are he’s harboring his wife and kids in there.

2. He only calls you briefly during specific timings

You’ll probably notice that he rarely or never calls you when he’s at home. He probably checks in on you when he’s walking the dogs, getting gas, picking up something from the store, or calling from any other location that permits him to sneak a short call to his secret lover. It gives him an ample amount of time to delete his logs and cover his tracks.

3. He doesn’t reply your texts for hours on end

There’s a good chance that he’ll dig through his arsenal of lousy excuses, such as getting held up at work or even his phone being faulty. The honest truth is that he can’t reply you with his wife in the other corner of the room; it’s far too risky on his end. This is why you’ll probably notice this happening most frequently during the evening.

4. He only pays using cash

Credit card bills will tip off where he’s been in the past month, and that’s a big red flag for him since it leads to unwanted interrogations from his wife. So if he’s fishing out 100 or 50 dollar bills from his wallet to pay for dinner instead of a credit card, you probably have yourself a taken man.

5. He doesn’t introduce you to his friends

No, it doesn’t count if you only know one or two of his friends. They’re probably the ones working seamlessly together to cover up his tracks for him. If he’s not going to take the extra step to make you feel like you’re an actual part of his life, it usually means that he’s trying to hide you from someone.

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