7 Tips For Your First Date With An Independent Wealthy Lady

Dating a girl who comes from wealth is a whole different ball game from what we’re used to. Most of the techniques and strategies don’t apply to wealthy ladies, simply because they hold the advantage over you. Their wealth equips them with plenty of external confidence, which is what translates into that intimidating aura that they carry everywhere with them. However, this doesn’t mean that you’ve lost your chance. Wealthy women, are after all, still women.

Tip #1: Be confident

Rich girls have grown too used to knowing how other guys behave around them. They either appear to be far too cocky, thinking they’ll impress her, or they get swallowed whole by her independence. Instead, you should find a careful balance between the two and display confidence. Be comfortable enough to lead the way without being too insistent.

Tip #2: Don’t talk about money

Unless you want to appear to be a gold-digging, emasculated excuse of a man, don’t ever talk to her about money. Not her money and not even your money. This female species is a unique breed and they can sense any ulterior motive from a mile away. You don’t want to raise any false alarms on her end.

Tip #3: Don’t be materialistic

There isn’t anything you can afford that she can’t. So there really isn’t any point trying to be flashy with your mid-tier gimmicks if she has her BMW parked in valet. She can’t be impressed by anything materialistic. Take her away from the world that she’s instead and engage her in deep conversation. This will make you appear sophisticated.

Tip #4: Don’t be insecure

Wealthy girls despise insecurity. In other words, if you feel intimidated by financial superiority, do your best to hide it. Just because you aren’t as financially fortunate as her doesn’t strip you the right of dating a wealthy girl.

Tip #5: Be her friend

This might not make sense at first glance, but read on anyway. Everyone needs a confidante, even wealthy girls want someone who’s always willing to listen to them. The difference here is that normal girls are wired to friend-zone these types of guys, but wealthy girls are the direct opposite. It’s essentially a slow game where you focus everything on having an amazing personality.

Tip #6: Be understanding

Women of riches have a completely different lifestyle from yours. Some of them even have their own chauffeurs who drive them back to their decked mansions. Yes, it really could be that extravagant, I kid you not. Be as understanding as you can. I’m not telling you to appear unimpressed, but at least keep your composure in check.

Tip #7: Be fun

Ultimately, you need to be the guy that she thinks about when she’s at work. You need to be the guy that she looks forward to seeing at the end of a challenging week. In other words, you need to be her escape. This means you need to take her on little adventures and do things that she’s never done. Some of these things could even be really simple, so be sure to get to know her well in preparation for your subsequent dates.

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