7 Winning Profile Tips for getting more attention

Here are 7 quick tips for getting more attention from your online dating profile. Your mailbox will fill up faster and your chances of finding a connection will jump sky-high.

Write a unique and friendly introductory line: “Looking for hiking partner” or “Seeking a shipmate for sailing and more” Post at least two current photos: Photos significantly increase responses! Try at least one close-up and one full-body shot for the best results. Use a positive tone: “I love to learn and meet new people.” “Life is an adventure and I would like to share it with someone special.” Keep it simple: Keep your descriptions light and avoid demanding checklists. Try listing only three things you desire in a mate. Write a short essay, not a book: Four or five sentences is a good goal. Save the details for your dates. Include a fun hobby note: “I need someone to distract me from the piano.” “I love to travel and tend to take too many photographs.” Add your marketing pitch: What makes you unique? Try listing only three things and make them catchy (everyone is smart, outgoing and fun — how are you different?).

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