9 similarities of scammers

From a woman’s point of view.

1. They post themselves as widow.

2. Art dealers, engineers etc.

3. They will say they are from the place they posted and then they are abroad…Ex. Beverly Hills California… after a few e mails… they are in Europe … next in Arabia or Africa doing business.

4. They ask you how long you have been on dating site..

5. They want to know what your experience has been… according to what you say…they will show so much sympathy and empathy… that you start to believe how nice they are.

6. They say they love you on the first profile e mail.

7. They say to not write to any one else because they are the one for you.

8. Then they present you with a drastic scenario of an accident they had abroad… that they have no money and then if you could forward them some money via western union.

9 They want you go write to them from your personal email or chat with them.

FROM:rich men

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