Am I Ready to Date?

A break up is a deeply emotional life transition for most individuals. The old adage, “it takes time to heal” rings true. For longer relationships, the healing process can be months or even a year. Taking time to process the breakup and to sort out the myriad of emotions can be hard to handle. The only way “out” to the other side of the tunnel is going “through” that life tunnel. One cannot avoid the sadness or the mixed emotions. It is best to take time out alone to heal. When you are still entangled emotionally with another and start dating, you are not fully present. You are not giving yourself fully to the new person. If the dating experience is purely sexual and the other person accepts that, then the release can help some. Others can further damage their heart but creating an even more confusing social scenario.

Take time to heal. Give yourself permission to grieve. If you need touch, get a massage, go to a spa, join a gym. Get physical. It gets the seratonin (happy hormone) going. Hang with family or friends. Be patient and kind to yourself. And then, when your head clears and you can breathe again, join a dating site. It’s a perfect way to find that compatible partner whether it’s for casual dating or finding that special life partner.

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