Be Approachable and Not Over Informative

The belief that it’s important to be approachable when communicating with potential mates streams strictly from experience.

1. Get a feel for your date’s outlooks. Ask questions to better understand the levels he/she may currently stand. If it gets awkward, don’t shut down; remain open to discuss other avenues. Understanding if your potential mate has views similar to your own can reduce stressful or unwanted nuisances later down the line.

2. When faced with more difficult or unwanted conversations, remain approachable. Don’t assume the need to convey a victimized or aggressive role. Just as it’s said not to downsize a previous employer, it’s just as helpful to restrain from ridiculing a past relationship. Chances are if you choose to do so, your date may question your motives if/when you display questionable characteristics. Choosing not to ridicule can reduce chances that information given about past relationships will not be uninformatively asserted into your current potential relationship.

3. Leave room for one to learn of any positive attributes about yourself. It’s always great to share the positives but even better to display those as well. This can possibly encourage a date to WANT to know more about you, reduce simple physical attractions, and help you two engage in more psychological similarities. One cannot force another to see the good in themselves but rather show and hope that an attraction remains on physical, emotional, and mental levels.

It is hoped that this improves ones chances to finding the One. I wish all the best and open to feedback.

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