Be modest – Being down to earth is a great way to get a 2nd date!

So you are a certified millionaire? Great! Don’t be a showoff if you are dating a member who is not a millionaire. We know you work hard, which is why you have reached such a high economic status; however, on the date, it may not be wise to keep talking about what you own and what you can afford. Also, you are not “paying” for a prostitute when you pay for dinner, so don’t expect your date to feel indebted to you and return your picking up the tab. Lastly, don’t forget all your manners and think it’s excusable because you “have money.” People like to be treated with respect whether they are conversing with a bum, hobo, or millionaire. Don’t dummy-down your status, but don’t be too prideful either. There is nothing like being down to earth that earns you a second date and/or a long-lasting relationship!

By JazzyJessy, GA, United States

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