Be positive, be a good listener and don’t always agree just because he’s in control of the wallet

Most of these millionaires don’t really have a lot of time on their hands which is why it’s important to maximize your time when on a date with one. It’s important to have a balanced converstation and stay on topics that are light and airy. Also, show your humor, flirtation skills and most importantly, that you are confident.

Most men are visial, meaning first impression is key when meeting a millionaire that you plan on dating. You must be the whole package, so to speak. Not only be beautiful outside and look hot, but classy; you must also have style, personality, and be genuine about your feeling for him.

Make yourself valuable to his life. Let him see that you are that woman that is not only great looking, but has a good heart, good intentions to be with, supportive, attentive and that you’ll always have his back. How does one do that you may ask? First of all, don’t take your connection/relationship with him for granted. Appreciate any kind and generous gestures that he may have had with you. Be positive, be a good listener and don’t always agree just because he’s in control of the wallet. Mean actually, appreciate and welcome a woman that has her own opinions and if not argueative he’ll be impressed by the fact that you have your own voice.

Never talk to a man that you are getting to know about money. Don’t complain about your finances and your struggles. Don’t question how much is he worth or income? That is tacky no matter how you put it. Be classy. Educate yourself on topics that are relevant, curious, fun and entertaining to the both of you. Plus, you want him to think of you as a lady, not just a lover. I think once you open yourself to questionable motives as to why you are interested in him, you become second class, in his eyes.

Don’t be dishonest about yourself, career, personal life, etc. but don’t spill everything about you on your first couple of dates. He’s probably not going to be turned on by this. You want this man to walk away from your date and think, wow! she’s got it all. She’s smart, funny, beautiful, genuine and I like her! No matter how much money a man makes and how beautiful you are, if he doesn’t picture you, as a partner in his circle of family, friends, lifestyle you won’t become the wife.

As far as intimacy. Try to build that based on emotional intimacy instead of just a physical connection. Think about it this way. If you go to bed with a new man without having built a real connection with him, you’ll just be another one added to the list. That goes with your regular Joe’s or Mr. Millionaire. You must restrain from sleeping with a man, unless you know he’s connected and committed to you. Emotional intimacy is what’s going to make your sexual life together an A+.

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