Better in person than in written word – Don’t read into something that’s not there

Sometimes it’s hard to know what someone’s saying, especially in just a few words. I can talk to anyone, and I have done a bit of copywriting in my life, so I know how to read from both sides what’s said. But that’s not the case with everyone! And that’ not a reason to not love them, is it? Some people are better in person than in the written word. They might come off shy or over confident. They may be short with the word, or too long winded just trying to explain. But be patient, if you ask the right questions you might be able to find out more than you think. And if they aren’t long worded, don’t read into that anything either. It might not be their skill. I know a great engineer, who is absolutely darling when he speaks, but leave him to a keyboard and he just can’t speak that way! I also know a great journalist, and unless he writes to me, he’s unable to share his deep thoughts verbally. (He’s sweet though). So don’t always read into something that’s just not there, try some typing, and some verbal discussion… and throw in a meet and greet before you decide!

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