Beware of false profiles

Beware of false profiles. Often times pictures can be stock photos and all info included in the profile could be false. Things I’ve noticed:

1. The person states they are American, born and raised yet the English is far from being a first language based on the writing.

2. Usually there are no specific attributes selected. Beware is every size and shape is OK, every children option is OK, smoking and non smoking is OK.

3. Often times (those seeking women) the men usually work in the construction field requiring them to work out of the country.

4. After the initial introduction on the site, they want to go directly to a chat i.e. yahoo messenger.

5. When you suggest a phone call, they either object to it, or if they don’t, the accent us usually not an American one.

Keep these five tips in mind, often times I say in the initial email that I am aware of these things and I never hear from them again.

By madamex1969, Michigan, United States

From:rich men

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