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a natural woman, active, aware..who likes nature , the outdoor, sports, animals…for the ideal..otherwise someone with affinities for fun….A well off simple one=aware and real who would like to retire in nature and have a retreat like my dream is welcome of course… See if there are still any NATURAL woman anymore, especially on this millionaire dating sites…then that would be cool

I met and ultimately married the man that I met on this site. We are expecting our first child in June. Our life is beautiful and more than I could have hoped for. I hadn’t been on the site in a long time, I thought It was time to delete this, haha. Thank you!

Happy couple made by MMATCH

I am a french man ( from Normandy ), moved to Canada ( Vancouver )12 years ago…I am a geologist originally, worked as a model in Paris, and in movies, commercials etc… that makes me aware of the superficial side of humans.

I am very active, all outdoor activities ( passion for skiing and windsurfing ), guide people hiking, biking, canoeing, horseback riding ( love horses )…And dreaming of a wellbeing retreat-hobby farm -ranch, where i could enjoy and share this harmony between 2 persons with nature and animals around…

I have a pretty strong personality, ( as my totem animal the wolf – i worked with them ), in a good way as i can be affectionate, romantic and a good listener, have a vocation for psychology, i am quite spiritual and practice meditation daily; but no god for me thanks, just mother nature…I consider myself very aware, body and mind relationship, i definitely don’t fit in, i am an old soul.. i like humor, teasing, sarcasm, quick wit…

There is a lot behind the eyes too…I am multidimensional…I am well traveled, lived mainly in Norway ( besides France ), and on some islands,…I am starting my business of coaching / self awareness / self improvement / massages.

I am far from being rich moneywise. Meeting people to have a nice happy harmonious relationship regardless of money is what matters, but able to afford this dream place would be nice, at g male…Otherwise meeting people with affinities to share good moments through activities or going out, have fun…Would rather meet all natural people…

My fiancé and I found each other on RichSinglesOnline—we are both thrilled to find our “Soulmate of Soulmates!!” thru millionaire dating sites. We have an incredibly unique, highly romantic relationship which is on the level of the movie Notebook and others. A book is being written about our romance. She is the woman of my lifetime dream–and she feels same about me . We met in May 2013. We are engaged.

Thanks for this website !

I would like to meet a woman who appreciates culture and the performing arts. Someone who values the need to speak openly about feelings and emotions when it involves the man she loves. She knows a compliment when she hears one and will offer genuine ones of her own. She is witty and isn’t offended by “creative” humour (I like Jerry Seinfeld, Garry Shandling, Dennis Miller, Bill Maher and Lewis Black). She has zero tolerance for smokers and is put off by people who refuse to use their own common sense and good manners.

Her elegance and sense of style comes from within and wouldn’t go unnoticed by me. I’d like to start a great relationship with a woman who loves to dine out and go to the symphony or a movie. I would go to sports events as a fan, but wouldn’t buy season’s tickets. I’d much rather save up and go on a weekend getaway.

Even though we both care about our families, most of our free time is for us. Vacations are for doing the things we’ve always wanted to do and share together, not for seeking out long lost relatives.

We both admit our faults, but have high standards. We want to live luxuriously someday, but don’t live beyond our means to get there.

I’ve been on this millionaire dating sites some times ago and found a special lady but finally our relationship hasn’t worked but I still think this website is special, and maybe I could find the good one here.

I met my match!

I believe in settling down with someone, but never settling FOR someone. I’ve seen too many dissatisfied people who have done the latter.

One more thing…
For many women I may sound too direct in my profile or in our first conversation, but know this: If she reaches for my hand sometime in the evening before I reach for hers, I…will…melt. And she’ll get the first sense of what I believe romance is really about.

So there you go. If you’re serious about laughing daily, have more than a monosyllabic vocabulary, love great classical music and believe “roughing it” means checking in your luggage at the front desk,

Best millionaire dating sites EVER. Please advertise in Australia. It will go crazy, everyone on this site loves it. It has changed my life. I don’t have enough good things to say. I have met the most amazing women in the world and they all live on this site!!!

I met a very handsome and smart guy on your site

I was born in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina and moved to Salem, Oregon in 2006. I have since had a son and travelled back and forth from Oregon to SC numerous times, and briefly lived in Texas.
In 2009 I started a free, art-collaboration magazine. It was short lived, but brought a lot of light to the artists in my direct community. It benefits hundreds of friends as a chance to publish their work and add to the resumes or portfolio. Although it is not running right now, it is easy enough to revive.
I play the guitar well enough and have produced a handful of songs for pleasure and experience, not for monetary gain, although, I may someday sell my music.
I love animals.
I drink socially.
I smoke marijuana.
I enjoy most outdoor activities.

I have been on RichSinglesOnline site for 3 weeks. Someone from your team recommended my prospect to me but I ignored him due to geography. Not realizing he is from my state and travels back and forth!

We have emailed then phoned and now text. Our first meeting is in April. But he is a Wow very very handsome and even better very smart. You found someone that can match or is above my IQ and I’m a scientist.

I was too shy to show bikini shots although I used to model. I’m still in shape but shy. He is quite sincere and to the point. I’ll tell you more as it unfolds.

I’ve never been on a match making millionaire dating sites before this is my first and my girlfriend signed me up. So I went with it. I’m glad I hung in there!

Thank you

I met a great man on this site

I am well traveled, cultured and stunning. Also a wonderful partner that is caring and attentive.

My favorite past times include yoga, hiking and massage.

I do not have children and are not opposed to yours. As long as you are fiscally responsible and secure.

I am social drinker that does not smoke. I love to laugh and I know it’s hard to believe that my beauty pails in comparison to my sense of humor.

I am looking for someone who is interested in life. As sense of humor and a passion for travel is always a plus.

I met a great man on this millionaire dating sites. – Although the search is limited – I like the quality of the men. Entrepreneurial and Educated. Thank you! Fingers crossed. I will let you know the outcome… or be back here searching again

Thank millionaire dating site so much!

I have no preference on race, gender, or age. I am a loving person that doesn’t tend to see or depend on any of those things in a relationship or friendship. It’s ok to be conservative but not someone who thinks they are better than other people. Open minded is a bonus. I’m looking for someone to make me laugh, make me feel important, and let me do things for you just as much as you do them for me.

Thanks millionaire dating sites so much. You are very Kind. I hope that this man is perfect for me. I hope he will stay With me If he is a good man. Thanks so much! Thanks!

I found my Match, finally!! Thank you!

I’m AA, from the east coast, and I’ve lived in LA almost a year. It would be nice to meet up for drinks. I’m looking for someone who makes me laugh, likes to travel and treats me like the queen I am. I love to cook. Mostly soul food because my family is southern. I moved to LA to launch my own cosmetic company. I have been a makeup artist for more that 8 years now. I was a pageant girl most of my life. I won a lot. Lol I decided shortly after my pageant days I wanted to make the face my canvas. I’m in love with art. Any kind usually .. I love. I’m a big movie buff. I can pretty much name any movie by looking at a 5 sec clip of it. Terrible I know … My family and I are very competitive. So knowing every movie comes handy on trivia nights. I do go out to clubs/lounges. I love to dance. I can pretty much dance to any music.

Well I met that one special several months ago. We corresponded quite a few times and got along well. Although I was looking forward to meeting him I decided to give dating a break and I deleted my original profile. I never said goodbye to Mark nor did I leave my contact information outside of RichSinglesOnline. I did meet someone several weeks later at a lounge that was much younger than Mark, extremely attractive and educated. After two dates the guy turned out to be a total nightmare!

I returned to millionaire dating sites vowing it was my LAST attempt in finding love. One of the first men to contact me, with his number this time, was Mark. I immediately texted the number he left and he responded within minutes. Mark and I have either called or sent texts everyday since, 5-10 times a day.

He drove to Orlando from Tampa yesterday to finally meet. I can honestly say I have never met such a humble, intelligent man in my life. For the first time in my life I felt like a Princess. The date went on for hours, respectfully, and he asked me to please make it exclusive! I agreed so we will see where destiny takes us.

Thank you all!

Advice to other members

I often recommend! This is a millionaire dating sites. As a woman of means, I was not interested in a gigolo and had to be very careful. I watched for cues, i.e. correct spelling (attention to detail), language patterns (educated), morals and values, family, financial stability, appearance, hobbies. Always just be yourself and be safe.

Thank you, RichSinglesOnline!

I was a widow for 10 years and had tried many dating sights. I was looking for a Christian man of character, in the same income bracket. I traveled a lot, so went on millionaire dating sites for one month. I wrote to Brad, but it took him 2 weeks to respond. We met on a Sunday for lunch and talked for 6 hours! We had another date before I left for South Africa. We emailed while I was gone, getting to know each other, and got together when I returned. We dated for a year and then were married 1/18/14. Between us, we have 8 children (5 are married) and 5 grandchildren. Thank you, RichSinglesOnline! Brad is the new love of my life!!!