What are Rich Men Looking for in a Woman?

Every woman wants a millionaire, right? That’s like saying every man wants a beautiful wife. Of course the ideal is that a woman dating a rich man, someone who understands business and can be a good provider for his family. Maybe the problem is that once a man does achieve something great, and becomes a millionaire, he suddenly becomes very selective about the woman he chooses to be a mate. Now he has his choice of many attractive women. Now the issue is what can you offer that’s unique? What makes you special among many other attractive women?

Consider five things that a millionaire male expects from his ideal partner. Some of these may surprise you.

Independence & Success

Millionaire-caliber women have to prove themselves independent and SUCCESSFUL well before a millionaire will ever take notice of them. Millionaire men don’t want a project. They want a woman with a high reputation and someone who’s already doing great things with her life. It’s not actually about the money but the business savvy, that’s what they’re attracted to.

Ability to Fit Into His Lifestyle

Millionaires are often world travelers and meet with a lot of people throughout the month. Can the average woman really keep up with that? No wonder then that millionaires will often meet their mates on the road, or in business, or at a charity event. They really need a mate who can fit their lifestyle and their “society” or network of people. This means a woman with good conversation, high class, mature and well cultured.

Beauty and Excellent Hygiene

Of course, beauty is expected. It’s not always the most physically amazing women these millionaires go for—it’s the elegance, the effort they put into looking good. These women are fashionable, very well dressed and pampered. VIP sort of men oftentimes appear on camera, in the news, and so on, and so appreciate a woman who looks the part and plays her part well.

A Unique Talent

A woman with a unique talent will charm even the most picky of rich men. Your unique talents could be anything from chef knowledge, to a musical instrument, to speaking multiple languages, or performing another skill like acting or art. The point is, men always pay attention to qualities that make a woman unique. Focus on making yourself seem like a million bucks…guess who notices? Men with a million bucks to spend!

Good Motherly Qualities

Hey, whether it’s feminist or not, millionaires are looking for a wife and that means good motherly qualities. They want a fine balance between work and family obligations. That means homemaking skills, good maternal instincts, and knowledge of child rearing, health and parenting. A rich man doesn’t need to look hard to find a sexy woman. But it is a challenge to find a woman of good character and valuable skills.

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Advice to other members

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Dating after divorce: just be open and find the chemistry back

It is difficult for some to get back into the swing of things after a long difficult marriage and divorce. One may have concerns with trusting and respecting others, especially if their previous spouse was “abusive” in some manner or distrusting (cheating/affairs).

Many of us really want to open ourselves back up to those around us, but find it difficult, in fear of being hurt again. It is important to remember that many people prefer to hold off on sexual relationships until after a few meetings (you know, the getting to know you stages). I have personally found in my four months of joining the dating scene, that many opening lines are “So, When can we have sex?!”

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Do not discuss your ex

It is stated that the easiest way to put a potential partner of you, is to discuss your ex-partner on your first date. This is enough to indicate that you are still not over your ex and this new relationship is a rebound fling that will more than likely not last longer than 2 weeks.

When you first meet, ensure that it is in a public place and discuss each other. You can discuss interests such as hobbies and adventures. Keep the topics light. Only once you are comfortable with each other can the heavier topics be discussed. Do not volunteer information about an ex as the ex is not there to defend him or herself.

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Dating after a break is definitely risky business

Ladies, dating after a break is definitely risky business. After a break up you have to allow your self to get back into your single zone. Depending on the way the break up ended, you’d probably carry animosity to the next thinking all men are the same which they aren’t. But if you are going to jump out of one ship and in to the next then make sure you remain very observant. Keep your guards up no matter how sweet it sounds to you. See how into you he really is. Listen for the wisdom in his voice because every wise man has a certain dialect that carries a lot of intelligence and it stands out like a soar thumb.

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Dating Advice For Widows

As a widow, the person you date will express a natural curiosity about your deceased spouse. And as a widow, you will probably want to talk about your deceased spouse. If your relationship with your new partner looks like it might be going somewhere serious, you should introduce your new partner to your spouse. Spend an evening looking at photo albums, telling stories, or visiting your spouse’s grave.

As happy as you and your spouse were together, and as terrible as becoming a widow feels, your life will go on. More than anything, you need to give yourself permission to have joy in your life, alone and with other people. No matter what you believe about what happens to people when they die, your spouse wouldn’t have wanted you to be miserable for the rest of your time on earth. While you may never find a replacement for the love of your life, you will need love of some form in your life to live happily.

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Considering dating after loosing a loved partner

After the loss of a loved partner, be it to the dissolving of a relationship,divorce, or death, be sure to give yourself time to heal. Jumping too quickly into a new relationship may be a recipe for failure. The best relationships happen when both people are feeling stable and strong. The pain of the loss will fade with time. Trying to “move on” too quickly can cause pain for you and those you choose date. Give the gift of a whole healthy you to your new potential partners. It will mean more success for and better outcomes for all concerned.

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