Being A Friend After The Break Up

Call your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend and let them know you’re there for them even though you’re not together.

Be a friend instead of an enemy.

Try to be positive about the situation even though someone might have done something wrong and it hurts you but try to forgive and forget.

Advice category: Being friends after the break up call and check on each other regardless to let them know that you’re still there for them and you will always love them even if they are not together. I know this doesn’t work for everyone but give it a try!

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Accepting the reality of a breakup

If you’ve just gone through a breakup, chances are you’re confused and in shock that its actually over between the two of you. The first thing you must realize is, it’s not the end of the world and what leaves you life certainly makes room for something better. Women are so caring and nurturing and also emotional, so we might start feeling less worthy because we give our all and sometimes it seems as it’s not enough,that’s our heads telling us that so it’s okay to grieve and let it out and take it as a learning and growth experience. Learn to love yourself and put your energy in to something else. Never stalk or seek revenge because in the end you’ll end up losing again, but this time to everyone. Keep your distance and better yourself.

The best revenge is silence and moving on with your life. Easier said than done right? It isn’t easy so you have to take it one day at a time and everyday gets better with time. Trust me you will be okay. Don’t answer phone calls or find reasons to call her. Think about the negative points in the relationship to help you through this.

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28 tips for dating after coming directly out of a relationship

Any dating at any age is hard especially after coming directly out of a relationship. If that is the case:

(1) Do casual friendship process first.

(2) Don’t rush

(3) Examine past mistakes. Analyze all that brought you to the point of becoming divorced or having to leave a relationship.

(4) Allow yourself to grow through those past mistakes by:…..going into counseling….. Reading self improvement books….Stay ..without a man…..long enough to realize and grow past what went wrong in the past.

(5) Realize and know that when a woman believes she “needs” a man, this is not healthy and she is not giving herself enough credit. Women if this is what you think, then it is your self esteem that is suffering!

(6) So… what you need to create and create to keep a better self esteem that can help you to learn to love yourself. Give yourself value. Allow yourself to grow and do things to enable you to form better self esteem! This will not take place over night.

(7) Allow yourself to heal. Know within yourself that as you choose a future relationship that you will be using healthier and different guidelines than you did in the past.

(8) Knowing you have healed from the past hurt and dysfunctions, then you will know that you have reached a point of no longer believing that you…”need” a man, but instead, at that point you will be able to….”choose” a man…..or not. If not, then know that it IS okay to be …single…and it is okay to remain single.

(9) If you choose to go onto a dating site such as Millionaire Match, be careful what you put…out there,…for others to read. You can always share later with prospective partners, what you believe and what you don’t believe.

(10) Go slow on dating sites

(11) Don’t always believe everything you read or everything you are told.

(12) Be cautious.

(13) Ask questions of prospective dates or partners

(14) Remember, it is YOUR life and you want to be sure that your choices and your decisions are wise.

(15) Upon the point of meeting, meet in a public place!

(16) If something doesn’t feel right or seem right, then,…it probably isn’t right.

(17) Know that it is okay to walk away.

(18) Take things slowly. Don’t jump in too quick!

(19) Be sure that as you go through a new dating process, that you don’t do or say anything you will regret.

(20) Share, share, share

(21) Communicate, communicate, communicate.

(22) If the prospective partner won’t share upfront, then that is probably a good sign the he or she is not a ….”match.”

(23) Again, don’t be afraid to walk away.

(24) Be safe.

(25) When you get back home, evaluate your conversation, your choice of topics or lack thereof.

(26) If you choose to keep going into the dating process, then…learn from your mistakes and learn from your negative experiences.

(27) Don’t allow yourself to keep on making the same mistakes. If you do, then that means that you have not grown to the point of it being healthy for you to start dating again.

(28) Grow…read,….grow some more until you know you are mature and healthy enough to go back and start over

Good luck! Be careful and be safe!

Why have your man guess, when you can tell him what you want

Women tend to have the misconception that men can read our minds. We will not divulge what is on our mind and expect our significant other to guess what we need. When we do not get our needs met women will blame men and go as far as accusing them of not being attentive!

So the advice here ladies… be clear about what you want and need. Tell your man, be direct, honest and sincere. Men like this. Its makes it easier for them, takes the guess work out and you may be pleasantly surprised how attentive your man can be!

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Use discretion and tact when composing your messages

Since none of us are mind readers communication should be a priority, don’t be afraid to speak your mind sometimes the truth hurts but a lie is a harder hit than the truth. Many people are gullible and will believe anything where others will see right through the lie and feel insulted that you thought they would actually believe it. Be honest and use tact if you think the truth will hurt the other person.Don’t be afraid to express any good or ill feelings, likes or dislikes. The truth goes along way.

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To Text or Not to Text? An email is better!

Text etiquette is just as important as email or chat etiquette. When you are just beginning to get to know someone, what you decide to text can either make or break the deal. So let’s take a look at some scenarios in which you might find yourself when meeting that special someone online.

The first impression and communication is through the profile. Once you have passed the profile test and inspired some curiosity you are ready to for the next phase; the wink or chat. A wink is good but an email is better. Eventually you have to get started on emailing each other and hopefully that will lead to the exchange of phone numbers. That is where the question of “to text or not to text” comes into the picture.

One thing that is not recommended is that you continue the “getting to know you” via text. You should have completed most of your written communication by now. If you haven’t spoken on the phone yet, a short text asking if it’s a good time to call should be the only text you should be sending. Remember the rule: 1 text is sweet, 2 texts are a fine, but 3 texts was really a phone call. In essence, at this point texts should essentially be conversations that would take less time than polite greetings would. Texts can be cute and convenient, but they can also project the attitude that the other person is not worth the extra time it takes to make a call.

Although it is acceptable to send a short message like, “thinking of you” or “looking forward to meeting you tonight”, you should never ever ever ask someone on a date via text. Make sure you call to make a date. If you absolutely have to cancel a date because you have had a dire emergency, forget texting and make the call.

After you get to know each other more you will know when it is a good time to send a text and what you should send. If the person is in and out of meetings and can’t be disturbed please mind your fingers and don’t text. If you know the person in bed by 9pm don’t send texts at 11pm. Getting an e-card is nice but usually not if you are getting 5 or 6 of them throughout the day and absolutely not nice if you have been included in a thread with strangers that are getting the same text.

Now you can text away and mind your spelling while you are at it. It just takes a second to check if “ok” is what you really wanted to send, lol 🙂 .

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Texting and Emails should not be the only source of cummunication

As difficult as it is to date already with getting to know someone. Just when you get that email that you received a message you get a little excited and curious about who this person is. So you respond the email and possible go back forth with a couple of emails and eventually you when you have made the decision that you are comfotable with this person you give out your number only to discover that this male or female only sends you text as form of communication.

As my personal experience I have heard the reason for the texting is: 1. I am kinda shy 2. I dont feel its the right time or 3. I will call you and dont send you another text. I believe youwill never get a feel for a person without a intial conversation to see if you and that person connect. Anybody can give you all the peotics in email or texts. Or that person could be hiding something, its such a waste of time.

If you are looking for something serious if makes no sense to waste each other time in such a way. If a potential friend or mate is really interested in getting to know messages back and forth on the site, emails, and texts will not be the only way this person will want to communicate with you. Yes please remember there are scammers on this site and not looking for your best interest. If you dont feel right about something in the begining it best to trust your gut feeling. I know its hard especially when you have an STD and you feel like when you finally start talking to someone that peaks your interest dont be so down on yourself that you settle for anything you are special in your own right and the wait for someone that can give you what you are looking for is so worth the wait. This is just my opionion and experience and I thought I would share.

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Say it like you mean it, then say it again!

Often, non verbal communication can lead to the demise of a potential relationship before it even gets started. Here’s one idea that may help. When a thought, idea, or sentence is important and you want to be sure that it is clearly understood write it like you originally intended. But, then take it a step further and re-write/re-word it in another way. If your reader didn’t “get it” the first time, chances are they will the second. Good luck!

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Look & Listen – How to best communicate

I don’t have trouble talking to you, I think We all know that communication is an crucial part of our daily lives, whether it is verbal or non verbal.

Weuse words, gestures and sounds hoping that they person whois receiving is understanding what we mean but in the same sense they arecommunicating in the same way. Some barriers that I see can be a problem is culture,gender and and language. Why you may ask because they can be complex but we have the skills to overcome them.

The three thing that iam working to help myself withbreaking these barriers are listening , don’t jump tp assumption and mind mymanners. First on listening, we learn to listen with our ears but that is notenough. We have to learn to use our hearing, and sight. Meaning that people usewords and gestures when they talk and we must be aware of this before when we talkto people. Yes it hard and it takes practice. I am still working on it, smile.

Next is assumption, which we are all effected by this. We think we know what the personwill say before they say it. Yes, I have done this also but I now see that cancause problems so I ask questions.

Last is manner, we all can work in this area .Meaning that we come off being rough to a person can make then put up defensiveshield . I know that I have because I felt that way. In my field of work I can notlet these barrier overcome me and I continue working on them daily because I feelthat they hold a important key to my career and life.

Have I learned enough”no”, but I am still growing , believing and learning that trying is all part of the process to overcoming these barrier.

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