Next step after exchanging phone numbers

Donald Trump is famously quoted saying “Emails are for cowards.” Although he is an acquired taste, there’s a certain truth to this. As a man, when a woman puts her trust in you and gives you her phone number, a man should call, even if it’s just a quick call, to introduce himself. It’s the proper way to do it, as no doubt any of our mothers, and grandmothers would say. Texting and emailing is fine as a way to exchange information, but calling up a stranger takes a certain courage, and this courage reflects your personality as a man. In the digital age it’s become much too common to hide behind a screen. Remember, first expressions last, and you’d want to be remembered as the one who took the first step. It’s romantic, and hopefully you and your partner will talk about that first step for a long time.

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Men are Wonderful, aren’t they. But let’s face it ladies, some of us are just marathon communicators. Let’s use what works most effeciently with the men in our lives.

Men are natural problem solvers. And when you’re needing to come to solutions & decisions quikly, you simply don’t have time to read a manual. That’s necessary in times set specifically aside to study & learn.

So ladies, think first…when needing an answer or wanting to reveal something to a man..KEEP IT SIMPLE & SWEET…





(& SEXY whenever necessary)…you’ll come to love these kisses too.

The tools he’ll amazingly open up with!

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If you say you’re going to call, make sure you do

OK, Guys… you may think you know how to communicate with women, and some of you are wonderful at it. Others not so much.

To start with … If you tell a woman you are going to call her … then CALL HER. If she texts you and says, I am feeling a bit emotional now and really would like to talk to you. You probably should text her back and tell her you can talk at such and such a time and then if you tell her that you will call her at that time, then… guess what!? Call her at that time.

When you are in a relationship with a woman…probably any woman… she will appreciate a call anytime of the day or night, even if it wakes her up. Even if it is to say…”Dang, I had a horrible day, can we talk tomorrow?” More than likely… she will understand. You just have to communicate with her on some level and she will be a much happier woman in the relationship.

If you just flat don’t know what to say, call her and tell her… “I said I would call, but I really just don’t know what to say tonight or today…”. The conversation may take off at that point, or you may have to call back tomorrow or in two days… Just communicate that to her.

The main thing is to be honest with your feelings.. (yes, I know.. “feelings”… you do have some – of some kind) and express those feeling to her what is going on. If you care for her and your relationship, you will share with her … and she should with you as well.

The next thing is to treat her with respect. Not necessarily opening the doors for her and pulling her chair out for her, but basic respect … Respect that she is a wonderful woman that has survived life this far and is there with you. She has a brain and feelings too. She can be hurt sometimes and you may not understand. She still deserves the respect of just being a wonderful woman.

Just communicate, be honest and have integrity in your daily life. Treat her with respect and do what you say you are going to do. You will be surprised at the response you get.

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Honesty is key

There is nothing more frustrating than chatting, emailing, or speaking to someone you think is 40 years old, is single, lives in the same town you do, has a job, etc., and then you meet them and they’re 55, currently separated, no job and lives about 40 miles away.

Honesty is KEY folks. How can you start a relationship with a lie? Well, I guess a lot of people try, but those of us with values and standards can’t accept that. The solution is to post a recent picture on your profile, tell the truth, and then you’ll attract the women and men who WANT to be with you. It’s that simple.

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How to let him/her know you are interested

Some relationships seem to go nowhere because the guy or gal does not clearly indicate their level of interest. If you really want this gal or guy to go out with you, ask them right away. If they are not interested in dating you, then move on. Taking weeks to go out with someone is silly and a waste of time. If you met someone at a bar or event, would you communicate by phone for months before going on a date? Of course not, so why do it here? MAKE SURE IT IS A PUBLIC PLACE WHEN YOU MEET AND DRIVE YOUR OWN CAR. Let someone know where and who you are meeting.

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Enjoy silence

Dating always hold a little bit of awkwardness, we are after all meeting someone who is on one hand a complete stranger yet at the same time we are evaluating the possibility of incorporating them intimately into our lives. That is a fine line to walk. But it is this very awkwardness that sets us up for possible failure as we try to fill every silent moment with something (anything) to keep the conversationalball rolling.

I have come to learn there is something very important to be heard in those silentmoments: your comfort level with that person. The ability to let the conversationlull and not reach for your cell phone or some small talk jump starter allows you toexplore that comfort level. One of the best dates I can recall was when my datetook me out on a local hiking trail to the top of a summit. When we got there wesimply stood there enjoying the view. Neither of us felt the need to fill the emptyspace with conversation. We were comfortable just to be there together.

So the next time you find the conversation winding down, take a moment to enjoy thesilence. It might end up telling you more about your compatibility than starting upanother round of 21 questions 🙂

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Don’t just say no, explain why

I’ve been rejected few times and i always ask why. I ask about deal breakers straight away and it is a best way to reject a person based on incompatibility without hurting their feelings. I think giving a person an explanation in a nice way (not saying you fat, ugly or stupid), will help in the future dating. You don’t want to hurt someone and make them shy of asking anyone out again: person out of shape, say i would like someone more athletic not attractive, say you not visually my type stupid… have no way of silver lining that one, recommend they read a book or something. Don’t be mean or just walk away and never contact a person again. they will be sitting, waiting and wondering what they done or said that caused another person to go MIA. just my 5 cents to contribute

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Don’t beat around the bush. Be open and transparent

I am a shy guy and being forward isn’t my strongest trait. I have found my most successful encounters have been the ones where we were both open about ourselves and willing to discuss what our wants and needs were. On the contrary, the least successful were where one of us was not comfortable saying what they really felt or wanted.

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Better in person than in written word – Don’t read into something that’s not there

Sometimes it’s hard to know what someone’s saying, especially in just a few words. I can talk to anyone, and I have done a bit of copywriting in my life, so I know how to read from both sides what’s said. But that’s not the case with everyone! And that’ not a reason to not love them, is it? Some people are better in person than in the written word. They might come off shy or over confident. They may be short with the word, or too long winded just trying to explain. But be patient, if you ask the right questions you might be able to find out more than you think. And if they aren’t long worded, don’t read into that anything either. It might not be their skill. I know a great engineer, who is absolutely darling when he speaks, but leave him to a keyboard and he just can’t speak that way! I also know a great journalist, and unless he writes to me, he’s unable to share his deep thoughts verbally. (He’s sweet though). So don’t always read into something that’s just not there, try some typing, and some verbal discussion… and throw in a meet and greet before you decide!

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