Dating Advice For Widows

As a widow, the person you date will express a natural curiosity about your deceased spouse. And as a widow, you will probably want to talk about your deceased spouse. If your relationship with your new partner looks like it might be going somewhere serious, you should introduce your new partner to your spouse. Spend an evening looking at photo albums, telling stories, or visiting your spouse’s grave.

As happy as you and your spouse were together, and as terrible as becoming a widow feels, your life will go on. More than anything, you need to give yourself permission to have joy in your life, alone and with other people. No matter what you believe about what happens to people when they die, your spouse wouldn’t have wanted you to be miserable for the rest of your time on earth. While you may never find a replacement for the love of your life, you will need love of some form in your life to live happily.

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