Do not disclose privacy when posting photographs on the Internet

As a former Law Enforcement Official, I like to share some tips on posting certain types of photographs. Never show the license plate of your car even if you have it registered to a postal mail box. Your still placing your privacy at risk and could open the door to other problems like: Identity theft, Stalking, Harassment just to name a few.

Another concern is the growing trend of posting children’s pictures on social dating sites. Look we all love our children and do wish to showcase our family and the sense of a balanced life. But you also maybe exposing your children safety and innocence to child predators. Don’t be native of this concern. Just recently a child was kidnapped in a public mail in Colorado.

This dating site has taken the steps to ensure your safety and enjoyment on it’s website. But as a member if you see something that’s simply does not look right. Let the customer service know immediately.

By Riverdaleny, New York, United States

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