Don’t get conned

I wanted to pass on some advice to other woman exploring the on-line dating field:

Last year a man contacted me through a dating site I had joined. I liked his profile/pics and responded back. In his second email to me he right away suggested we should meet for a drink that night. I was not comfortable with that. I told him I would have to correspond through the site first, then progress from there to speaking on the phone for several weeks with him until I felt comfortable enough to meet in person. This man was in such a HURRY to meet me…it was just push, push, push…constantly PUSHING me to hurry up the whole “process”… and he also knew all the right things to say to me. I foolishly disregarded my own rules and got caught up in his whole, ” I’ve been looking for you my whole life” con. The guy was actually saying, “I love you” by the third phone call and he HAD to meet me NOW….he couldn’t wait til next week! I again let him push me into meeting him immediately… and the date was awesome. He opened the car door, handed me a wad of cash to gamble with, said we were “gonna grow old together” and next week was taking me to Arizona with him to meet his mom…all very heady and all total BULLSHIT.


My advice is be extremely cautious to any man wanting to fast-track a relationship and HAS TO TALK/MEET/SEE YOU IMMEDIATELY…don’t let him rush rush RUSHyou past the important first “baby steps” of getting to know a person via on-line dating. Anyone can be ANYTHING they want on the internet. WORDS ARE CHEAP and profiles are not, unfortunately, carved in stone. And never disregard your own rules! A man who doesn’t respect your personal rules doesn’t respect YOU. Im sure you can guess the end of my story: the guy doubled the pressure and absolute necessity of NEEDING to ‘make love’ to ‘the one he’d been looking for his whole life’..and I foolishly fell for it…in my own defense I need to add that he was very, VERY good at what he did…he was a CON, ladies. The treatment I received from him after this single intimate encounter was downright horrible. This was almost two years ago and it is still very hurtful, embarrassing and I still have that STUPID brand on my forehead that I put there myself…one more thing: check the man out on Facebook BEFORE you meet him. This guy had several ‘pals’ that were all over him there and he was also on three other fating sites. Hard lesson for me to learn. So please pay attention ladies and do your homework first. Good luck out there!

By desertbabe85,Maryland,United States

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