Don’t hide the real you – the truth always comes out in the wash

These days, it is so exciting to stumble across a profile that seems to reveal the perfect man or woman. Usually they are very real and seem to know who they are and what they want.

No matter what, be yourself. There is no point in trying to guess what a man or woman is looking for or to hide what you are really looking for, since it all comes out in the wash.

I have found that many guys here are offended over any mention of generosity after they’ve been very forward about prefacing their conversation with their expectations of intimacy.

Gentleman on a website such as RichSinglesOnline are revealing their ability and desire to provide financially in some way. Just as a woman posting beautiful seductive photos is revealing that she is, among many other attributes, contributing that side of herself for his enjoyment.

My very best relationships were with two gentlemen I adored and who spoiled me ROTTEN without me asking!!!!! What a turn on!!! I spoiled them in return more then they’d ever imagined possible!

Men want a sexy woman to be intimate with. Women want a powerful man to make them feel secure and stable. Women don’t need a gorgeous guy to feel very attracted or fall in love. We fall in love with a man who wants to give us the world and tries. I’m not implying that women are victims or we need rescuing. In this day and age, women are ambitious and driven. But we love to feel protected and cared for, and nothing shows that more than a contribution to our financial well-being. Men have changed over the decades a bit, as well. But they still want a woman who can make everything ok in the ways they need it.

We’ve all hear that it’s just as easy to fall in love with a wealthy man as a poor one. But, life is way more fun with a wealthy one. I would ask you guys… is it just as easy to fall in love with an ugly woman as a hot one?

Let’s get real.

By GoddezzGrl, California, United States

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