Don’t let your ex affect your current date

On a first and second date only focus on you and the intended partner. Ignore the impulse to bring up the past failures with your ex’s. Dedicate this special time to get to know your new partner. Remember, the past has already happened and can’t be undone. But, belaboring it can destroy the present and future. Use only pictures of you individually, not your ex or part of them, your dog/cat, etc. Remember, it’s you that the person is interested in. Include pictures that show you in different circumstances to allow others an opportunity to really see your personality and interests. Don’t hide behind pillars/bushes, feathers, etc. If you’re self conscious about your look it shows a lack of self-confidence. People don’t like to be mislead so if you present yourself accurately and they’re still interested, you one step ahead in that department. Also, never include a picture with a name tag on your person, or, company logo/name. That’s a safety no-no.

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