Don’t start a conversation with “my ex used to…”

Picture this, its your first date, your nervous, he’s nervous, you’re both wondering what to talk about to gain some common ground…Nervously, he asks you how the weather’s been, and if you’ve been keeping busy…you give him one word reply…As you start to talk, you get a little more comfortable, telling him little tidbits of information regarding your life, your past, your interests…One thing you don’t need to start talking about is , your ex. Men are not particularly interested in how well your ex husband or ex boyfriend used to treat you before things hit the fan, he is not interested to know, that the sex was always good, when there was any, he is most likely not interested in knowing how your ex knew all the things that made you happy, or did all the things he knew would make you sad. That man, sitting across from you at the table, trying to get to know you better, is probably trying to put his best foot forward, and wear his heart out on his sleeve, don’t ruin the date by bringing up someone who isn’t even a factor, and if your ex is still a factor, you really shouldn’t be at the table at all.

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