Enjoy silence

Dating always hold a little bit of awkwardness, we are after all meeting someone who is on one hand a complete stranger yet at the same time we are evaluating the possibility of incorporating them intimately into our lives. That is a fine line to walk. But it is this very awkwardness that sets us up for possible failure as we try to fill every silent moment with something (anything) to keep the conversationalball rolling.

I have come to learn there is something very important to be heard in those silentmoments: your comfort level with that person. The ability to let the conversationlull and not reach for your cell phone or some small talk jump starter allows you toexplore that comfort level. One of the best dates I can recall was when my datetook me out on a local hiking trail to the top of a summit. When we got there wesimply stood there enjoying the view. Neither of us felt the need to fill the emptyspace with conversation. We were comfortable just to be there together.

So the next time you find the conversation winding down, take a moment to enjoy thesilence. It might end up telling you more about your compatibility than starting upanother round of 21 questions 🙂

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