Handle Rejection by Cookie Theory

So you have your eye on that profile, eh? You find their pictures stunning and their words sound like someone made just for you. BINGO!!!!

But how do you capture the attention of this amazing person? You read their profile and you thoughtfully craft a great email and you wait… and you wait… and you wait… sometimes you never get a response while other times its a simple “thanks but your not my type”.

How do you handle this rejection? I use the cookie theory which goes like this:

You’re in the grocery store and you’re walking down the cookie isle looking for a snack. Do you buy each and every kind of cookie on the shelf? Of course not! First off, it would make you sick but realistically, 75% of the brands you simply don’t like and would never buy. Another 20% you would eat but only if that’s all there was. The last 5% is really what you’d pay good money for… its all you want, its what makes you happy!

When someone is rejecting you, its the same thing… they are shopping for what makes them happy and you’re not in their 5%. It doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you just like there’s nothing wrong with all those cookies you didn’t buy.

Don’t believe me? Just stand in the cookie isle and watch all the people who buy perfectly good cookies that you walked right by!

There was nothing wrong with the cookies you didn’t buy and there’s nothing wrong with you, its just the other person wants a different taste.

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