Handle rejection gracefully – it’s a stepping stone to your soul mate

Being a highly successful sales representative it was very helpful early in my career (and upon initial diagnosis, as well as, current dating scenarios) to accept each rejection as being one step closer to acceptance by applying the “rule of thumb” of selling pencils on a corner. It is an established/statistical fact (which you may test for yourself)that on average 1 out of every 10 people you ask to buy a pencil will. Sometimes it is the first person you ask (rarely) and (equally as rare)it is the last person you ask. The acceptance usually comes somewhere in between. The point to keep in mind is that each rejection brings you closer and closer to acceptance (your goal). The most successful people in life regardless of profession advertantly or in-advertantly practice this principle and turn “negatives” (such as rejection) into “positives” thereby, pushing forward to great achievements! I think the greatest fear/challenge to those of us with an STD is dealing with societal and, more importantly, individual rejection (especially when dating). Many give up on life and stop living, dating, etc. all together. Again, keep this “rule of thumb” in mind and push forward. Your success is ultimately inevitable proven)!

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