Handle rejection with class and grace

I don’t know too many people that have been into the dating scene and not been rejected at one time or another. Couple of key thoughts: It takes as much nerve to reject someone as it does to ask someone out. Don’t try to ‘paint’ people as ‘untouchables’ — ‘outa-my-league’ type of people. I’m quite sure they never asked to be put there. If they choose not to go out with you…they probably have very specific reasons.–Worrying and ‘what-ifing’ and “What’s Wrong With Me?”–Is a self-imposed jail that you ‘choose’ to put yourself in. DON’T!! Remember that you will obviously have more fun with people that you have more things in common with and if it is based on ‘Surface Characteristics’ — (Appearance Only) then that kinda stuff is as ‘shallow’ as it gets. It is a large world and the internet makes it very easy to match up with similar people with similar interests and characteristics. Don’t be limited by old habits, try new things! Get out of your comfort zone enough to learn new things. Rejection is a nice way of saying ‘No Thank You’ like when the brussel sprouts are passed around the table. Class is moving on with dignity (believing in who you are) and Grace– well that is handling rejection with maturity and realizing that you have a ‘Responsibility’ to that imperfect someone who is out there for you to build a future with!

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