Happy couple made by MMATCH

I am a french man ( from Normandy ), moved to Canada ( Vancouver )12 years ago…I am a geologist originally, worked as a model in Paris, and in movies, commercials etc… that makes me aware of the superficial side of humans.

I am very active, all outdoor activities ( passion for skiing and windsurfing ), guide people hiking, biking, canoeing, horseback riding ( love horses )…And dreaming of a wellbeing retreat-hobby farm -ranch, where i could enjoy and share this harmony between 2 persons with nature and animals around…

I have a pretty strong personality, ( as my totem animal the wolf – i worked with them ), in a good way as i can be affectionate, romantic and a good listener, have a vocation for psychology, i am quite spiritual and practice meditation daily; but no god for me thanks, just mother nature…I consider myself very aware, body and mind relationship, i definitely don’t fit in, i am an old soul.. i like humor, teasing, sarcasm, quick wit…

There is a lot behind the eyes too…I am multidimensional…I am well traveled, lived mainly in Norway ( besides France ), and on some islands,…I am starting my business of coaching / self awareness / self improvement / massages.

I am far from being rich moneywise. Meeting people to have a nice happy harmonious relationship regardless of money is what matters, but able to afford this dream place would be nice, at g male…Otherwise meeting people with affinities to share good moments through activities or going out, have fun…Would rather meet all natural people…

My fianc√© and I found each other on RichSinglesOnline—we are both thrilled to find our “Soulmate of Soulmates!!” thru millionaire dating sites. We have an incredibly unique, highly romantic relationship which is on the level of the movie Notebook and others. A book is being written about our romance. She is the woman of my lifetime dream–and she feels same about me . We met in May 2013. We are engaged.

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