How to communicate better as an average joe

Coming from where I am (your average joe), there are many great miscommunications that can come from making an honest attempt at dating someone of a millionaire status. Some things that I have found useful to cut back, or possibly eliminate miscommunication include of..

1- State exactly what your are looking for in your profile: if you state exactly what you are looking for in your profile (in example, I have stated in my profile that I am looking for someone that is here to support me emotionally, and financially, but will not expect to be “paid back” in sex.). I find this to help because it gives the chance for the other person to know exactly what they Re getting into, before the conversation starts.

2- Ask the person what they are looking for, a few different times. I have found that by asking the person up to 3 times over a period of time will give a more definite knowledge as to exactly what they are looking for in a date. The reason I recommend asking up to three times is simply because, you don’t know what situation the person is in when you ask. They could be frustrated, overjoyed, or even intoxicated. By asking a few times, you are more likely to create an average response. My recommendation is to ask in the morning, mid day, and later in the evening, over the time span of about a week.

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