How to date and keep a smart hottie?

I have always been asked out or asked if I have a single twin sister/hot friend, being in modeling and TV business for over 10 years with a Master’s degree. I would like to share a few tips on dating hot and smart women—not the gold diggers…having seen pretty much all types of hot women due to my work, my advice on dating a hot and smart woman are:

BEING A FULL PACKAGE, THE BEST YOU CAN YOURSELF, FIRST! Especially as a man, you need to be happy and successful, in a right place in your life to meet the right person and keep her.

BEING A GENTLEMAN. It’s really not just financial success but how you treat someone. Open a car door, sincerely care for people, be generous are all good qualities to keep a good and hot woman. The good ones are the ones that don’t play game!

BEING SINCERE. A hot woman got approached all the time and wonders if they just want the look? Show your sincerity. A TV star friend of mine actually married someone she met online because of his sincerity.

BEING PERSISTENT. A research shows that most men go for the same 10% of women in public so there are more competitions, much more. You just need to keep asking and show your uniqueness.

BEING THOUGHTFUL AND CREATIVE. Put some thoughts into a date, especially your first date, not necessarily to be a fancy restaurant but someone shows you really care. A true good hot woman loves when you show you are dedicated, sincere and fun!

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, if it’s meant to be, it will happen, don’t lose hope if you didn’t get what you want. If you keep trying, you will eventually get it. If you tried and it didn’t happen, it means someone better is waiting for you.

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