How to fasten your online dating seat belt

First, honesty is the best policy. It’s better to speak the truth than mislead someone. Eventually it will prevail & acquire you more respect.

Second, if a potential match / friend is being too pushy personal or aggressive & is making you uncomfortable, say so immediately. It is nice to consider other peoples feelings but you also have feelings. Trust your instincts.

Third, communicate more via internet before giving your phone number. Take your time!Valuable friendship & love doesn’t happen instantly.

Fourth, never give financial or personal identification information to an online date or instant recipe for Identity Theft.

Fifth, never give your home / work address to an online date. First & possible second date should always be in public. Although sometimes embarrassing it’s good to let someone (friend or family) know you’re meeting a stranger. It’s easier to walk away from a date than having to call law enforcement into your personal space.

Sixth, when traveling to meet an online date always again tell someone you meeting a stranger & give them your dates name & contact information. If possible, also give them a copy of your itinerary. Always have your separate accommodations. If your date goes sour, you’re not left out in the street without a place to stay. Not pretty & very degrading / embarrassing. In conclusion, always have a plan B. Again take your time & trust your instincts. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

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