How to forget about your ex

Everyone knows its hard to break up with an ex and totally forget about them, here are a few tips to get you moving on up….

1. Delete their number, once its gone, you wont make the mistake of ‘calling to see how they are doing’ or even worse ‘begging them to reconsider and get back together’.

2. Realize that more likely than not, you broke up for a reason, and believe me that reason was good enough for you to decide you don’t want to see this person ever again!

3. The nights may be lonely, but remember crying because your bed is empty is a definite step up from crying because your cheating partner shared it with his secretary…. or any other variation.

4. Change something in your life, it doesn’t have to be big, it can range from a haircut, or taking up a new hobby…. the latter may give you an opportunity to meet new people. This little change will remind you that you are in the driving seat, you are in control of your life!

5. Make it a priority to see more of your friends and family, they’ve probably missed a lot of time with you.

6. Go out with the girls, there is a reason cosmopolitans were invented, have fun and wear that dress your boyfriend really didn’t like!

7. Go out, meet the guys, bitch about her, realize that maybe you didn’t have everything in common, so check out millionairematch, and find someone who loves rock climbing as much as you.

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