How to get better Immediately when someone leaves you

When someone leaves you, you feel betrayed, unappreciated, sad, alone and angry. You feel hurt.

What most people don’t realize is that they actually feel so bad and so hurt, not because someone left them, but because of their own reaction to what has happened. It is their inability to cope with the situation which brings down their self esteem and hurts them and not the actual breakup or betrayal by another person (which may not have been a betrayal at all, sincerely… we cannot make ourselves love someone by force).

Anger is not what we are made of. When we feel angry, we are out of our comfort zone and secretly start disliking ourselves adding to fear and uncertainty about our own being. This is why the best way to cope when someone leaves you is to be kind and compassionate and not fight yourself or let yourself down (by being someone who you are not an angry person). Acceptance, kindness and compassion is the first step to any type of healing process. They will always remind you about who you really are and how much you deserve to be appreciated by someone who is able to see the amazing person inside you.

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