How to make spending time apart easier?

Many people are either very hesitant or will refuse to get involved with long distance dating relationships. There are many reasons for this, including the following:

1) The additional time and expense required to meet in person.

2) Finding or making enough free time in busy schedules to actually meet often enough to sustain and grow the relationship.

3) Understanding up front that long distant relationships require additional work from both parties involved.

The best way to make a long distant relationship work is for both parties to be very upfront about what they expect from the relationship and agree to be willing to commit to put time and effort into that relationship.

Spending time apart is difficult, but those times can be made easier with texting, email, video chat, etc. Coming together is tough but the additional hard work can actually make the relationship better in that both parties understand up front the sacrifices and expense involved and therefore understand and are willing to put forth more effort to make the relationship work. Honestly and communication are the key elements.

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