I met a very handsome and smart guy on your site

I was born in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina and moved to Salem, Oregon in 2006. I have since had a son and travelled back and forth from Oregon to SC numerous times, and briefly lived in Texas.
In 2009 I started a free, art-collaboration magazine. It was short lived, but brought a lot of light to the artists in my direct community. It benefits hundreds of friends as a chance to publish their work and add to the resumes or portfolio. Although it is not running right now, it is easy enough to revive.
I play the guitar well enough and have produced a handful of songs for pleasure and experience, not for monetary gain, although, I may someday sell my music.
I love animals.
I drink socially.
I smoke marijuana.
I enjoy most outdoor activities.

I have been on RichSinglesOnline site for 3 weeks. Someone from your team recommended my prospect to me but I ignored him due to geography. Not realizing he is from my state and travels back and forth!

We have emailed then phoned and now text. Our first meeting is in April. But he is a Wow very very handsome and even better very smart. You found someone that can match or is above my IQ and I’m a scientist.

I was too shy to show bikini shots although I used to model. I’m still in shape but shy. He is quite sincere and to the point. I’ll tell you more as it unfolds.

I’ve never been on a match making millionaire dating sites before this is my first and my girlfriend signed me up. So I went with it. I’m glad I hung in there!

Thank you

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