If you say you’re going to call, make sure you do

OK, Guys… you may think you know how to communicate with women, and some of you are wonderful at it. Others not so much.

To start with … If you tell a woman you are going to call her … then CALL HER. If she texts you and says, I am feeling a bit emotional now and really would like to talk to you. You probably should text her back and tell her you can talk at such and such a time and then if you tell her that you will call her at that time, then… guess what!? Call her at that time.

When you are in a relationship with a woman…probably any woman… she will appreciate a call anytime of the day or night, even if it wakes her up. Even if it is to say…”Dang, I had a horrible day, can we talk tomorrow?” More than likely… she will understand. You just have to communicate with her on some level and she will be a much happier woman in the relationship.

If you just flat don’t know what to say, call her and tell her… “I said I would call, but I really just don’t know what to say tonight or today…”. The conversation may take off at that point, or you may have to call back tomorrow or in two days… Just communicate that to her.

The main thing is to be honest with your feelings.. (yes, I know.. “feelings”… you do have some – of some kind) and express those feeling to her what is going on. If you care for her and your relationship, you will share with her … and she should with you as well.

The next thing is to treat her with respect. Not necessarily opening the doors for her and pulling her chair out for her, but basic respect … Respect that she is a wonderful woman that has survived life this far and is there with you. She has a brain and feelings too. She can be hurt sometimes and you may not understand. She still deserves the respect of just being a wonderful woman.

Just communicate, be honest and have integrity in your daily life. Treat her with respect and do what you say you are going to do. You will be surprised at the response you get.

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