If you think you can change this person over time, you are wrong

When we meet someone and we think that they are right for us, we at times overlook all of the flaws that we see in the beginning. Those tell signs that they are not the right one. The little flags get thrown under the rug, because it is something so new and exciting we just throw away our own sense of intuition. If you see things in the relationship that you don’t like and you don’t make it known or set that line where that relationship is going to go, then you are lacking strength to be who you are.

I thought that my love could change the temper of the man that I was with. Then things just got worse and instead of me changing him, my life got changed around. I wish I would have said how I felt in the beginning and it would have alleviated a lot of heartache. Now, 3 years later he has changed, he realizes what I was doing. He don’t have that love that is so hard to find, and if we would have just talked it out in the beginning and set the lines of what we wanted in the relationship and not been so timid and afraid of losing something that should have never been ours to begin with, I may be typing a different story. Sometimes though it is just too late. However, I did things in the wrong way. I did not communicate and it is only now I see my mistakes. You have to embrace the good, the bad and the ugly. That is what love is. Think that your love is capable of changing this person, you are so wrong. When you start a relationship you see the person as they are. You accepted every flaw you seen right from the beginning. You can’t think that you can change someone. They are not there to change you so be open and embrace and appreciate every positive thing that the relationship brings. If there is something you can’t live with, you need to be up front and honest. There are too many really great people to settle for less. “Sometimes it takes a life time to find true love, but I would rather have true love for the rest of my life than the rest of my life in heartache.”

Sometimes our circumstances changes us. I hope this will help someone somewhere to stand and be strong and never settle for less. Know what you want and run for it. Never settle for less than the best.

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