Introducing Partner to Friends

Fellas, you may not be ready to say she’s “the one”— but she’s pretty darn close! Hopefully, you’ve moved past the whole “are we or aren’t we together” phase, and the status of your relationship is set. You’re official! Now its time to introduce your special lady to your most loyal compadres. Some men may be scared to show off their new beau to the guys, fearing harsh wisecracks and questionable and an onslaught of questions. But rest assured, if you plan the introductions just right, this could be a meeting that helps draw your special someone a little bit closer to your life.

Meet and Greet

Take some time to consider your lady. Is she the touchy-feely type? Perhaps she has a habit of hugging just a little too long. That’s okay! Just make sure the appropriate warnings are passed along to the guys. One would hate for a sincere gesture to be taken as a romantic advance. Likewise, check the guys as well. Are they extra rowdy when they’ve had a few too many drinks? Try to provide a saner environment, like a lunch or early dinner affair with plenty of food to offset all the drinks going down the hatch. The most important factor of the meet-and-greet process is arranging just the right circumstances for the personality and strengths of your significant other to be clearly presented, hopefully with your friends calm enough to appreciate them. You’ve decided to keep specific friends in your life for certain reasons. Now you’re introducing a new partner, and she deserves to have a fair chance to build respect with them as well.


Should you do dinner at your house? Or would a nice restaurant do the trick? Perhaps you spend most of your time with friends in outdoor environments. Consider a neutral activity such as a friendly sports game, outdoor festival, or hiking trip. The first encounter with friends doesn’t have to be over-the-top; in fact, all parties involved should feel comfortable and ready to dedicate time interacting with each other. You’ve likely taken your partner on dates and gathered a feel for the environments in which they flourish. Use that intuition to your advantage. By taking time to set the scene, everything (and everyone) should fall right into place.

More Than Just “Hello”

The art of good conversation usually involves a mix of (a) fun people; (b) a neutral environment; and (c) alcohol being present. The first two are pretty self-explanatory, but the last, being present, is a concept that may be hard for some to grasp..

In a technology-driven world, the first crutch many people lean on in the midst of conversation is a smartphone. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, whatever—I would encourage you, if at all possible, to try to make sure your friends are focused when they meet your special lady. Introducing her to them depends on them to witness her special traits themselves instead of relying on you to tell them what makes you feel so drawn to her.

If you see the conversation is hitting a lull, consider throwing in a fact they wouldn’t expect, or mention a lighthearted story. If you find yourself leading the conversation too strongly, pull back a bit. We often chat more when we sense that there could be not-so-rave reviews circling the table. Most of the time, what we tell ourselves is completely wrong. Consider doing this: Let your lady do the talking. This is the chance for everyone to get to know each other and create some anticipation to spend time together again soon.

All Systems Go!

Once you’ve gotten all your ducks in a row, get out there and have fun! Keep in mind that not everyone is meant to be friends with every other person in the world, but what you want is to see your special lady garnering the respect of those most near and dear to you.

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