Look & Listen – How to best communicate

I don’t have trouble talking to you, I think We all know that communication is an crucial part of our daily lives, whether it is verbal or non verbal.

Weuse words, gestures and sounds hoping that they person whois receiving is understanding what we mean but in the same sense they arecommunicating in the same way. Some barriers that I see can be a problem is culture,gender and and language. Why you may ask because they can be complex but we have the skills to overcome them.

The three thing that iam working to help myself withbreaking these barriers are listening , don’t jump tp assumption and mind mymanners. First on listening, we learn to listen with our ears but that is notenough. We have to learn to use our hearing, and sight. Meaning that people usewords and gestures when they talk and we must be aware of this before when we talkto people. Yes it hard and it takes practice. I am still working on it, smile.

Next is assumption, which we are all effected by this. We think we know what the personwill say before they say it. Yes, I have done this also but I now see that cancause problems so I ask questions.

Last is manner, we all can work in this area .Meaning that we come off being rough to a person can make then put up defensiveshield . I know that I have because I felt that way. In my field of work I can notlet these barrier overcome me and I continue working on them daily because I feelthat they hold a important key to my career and life.

Have I learned enough”no”, but I am still growing , believing and learning that trying is all part of the process to overcoming these barrier.

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