One way to tell is if you’re ready to date again after a breakup

If you find yourself in the position of dating again after a breakup, make sure you are ready to date again.

One way to tell is if you never seem to get past the first date and are unsure why. Talk to a friend about your experiences, if you find yourself telling them about how you told your date about the time when you and your ex did… and then you and your ex did… well you may just not be ready to move on. Your new crush doesn’t want to hear all about your ex and everything you did together.

You need to be ready to make new memories. So, take some time, be single. Start a hobby that you have always wanted to take up, read that book you have been meaning to and take care of your heart. You will find yourself talking less and less about your ex and more and more about that crush you have before you know it.

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