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I often recommend! This is a millionaire dating sites. As a woman of means, I was not interested in a gigolo and had to be very careful. I watched for cues, i.e. correct spelling (attention to detail), language patterns (educated), morals and values, family, financial stability, appearance, hobbies. Always just be yourself and be safe.

Thank you, RichSinglesOnline!

I was a widow for 10 years and had tried many dating sights. I was looking for a Christian man of character, in the same income bracket. I traveled a lot, so went on millionaire dating sites for one month. I wrote to Brad, but it took him 2 weeks to respond. We met on a Sunday for lunch and talked for 6 hours! We had another date before I left for South Africa. We emailed while I was gone, getting to know each other, and got together when I returned. We dated for a year and then were married 1/18/14. Between us, we have 8 children (5 are married) and 5 grandchildren. Thank you, RichSinglesOnline! Brad is the new love of my life!!!

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In my free time I network throughout the states and explore different cultures. I’m adventurous. I enjoy rock climbing, jet skiing, parasailing, scuba diving, spearfishing, hiking and camping. I have expensive habits and I’m a bit spoiled. I expect my match to be easy-going yet full of life, understanding, packed with stamina, wise and mature.

Then I met my match on millionaire dating sites. I was on this site a little bit over one week. I don’t know if it’s a love from the first sight, but we chat and talk all three days almost non stopping. We already talked on Skype and excited about our first meeting. I just love talking to him. I believe we will be not only best lovers, but very good friends as well. Feeling happy! Hope this feeling would last forever.