Texting and Emails should not be the only source of cummunication

As difficult as it is to date already with getting to know someone. Just when you get that email that you received a message you get a little excited and curious about who this person is. So you respond the email and possible go back forth with a couple of emails and eventually you when you have made the decision that you are comfotable with this person you give out your number only to discover that this male or female only sends you text as form of communication.

As my personal experience I have heard the reason for the texting is: 1. I am kinda shy 2. I dont feel its the right time or 3. I will call you and dont send you another text. I believe youwill never get a feel for a person without a intial conversation to see if you and that person connect. Anybody can give you all the peotics in email or texts. Or that person could be hiding something, its such a waste of time.

If you are looking for something serious if makes no sense to waste each other time in such a way. If a potential friend or mate is really interested in getting to know messages back and forth on the site, emails, and texts will not be the only way this person will want to communicate with you. Yes please remember there are scammers on this site and not looking for your best interest. If you dont feel right about something in the begining it best to trust your gut feeling. I know its hard especially when you have an STD and you feel like when you finally start talking to someone that peaks your interest dont be so down on yourself that you settle for anything you are special in your own right and the wait for someone that can give you what you are looking for is so worth the wait. This is just my opionion and experience and I thought I would share.

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