Thanks for this website !

I would like to meet a woman who appreciates culture and the performing arts. Someone who values the need to speak openly about feelings and emotions when it involves the man she loves. She knows a compliment when she hears one and will offer genuine ones of her own. She is witty and isn’t offended by “creative” humour (I like Jerry Seinfeld, Garry Shandling, Dennis Miller, Bill Maher and Lewis Black). She has zero tolerance for smokers and is put off by people who refuse to use their own common sense and good manners.

Her elegance and sense of style comes from within and wouldn’t go unnoticed by me. I’d like to start a great relationship with a woman who loves to dine out and go to the symphony or a movie. I would go to sports events as a fan, but wouldn’t buy season’s tickets. I’d much rather save up and go on a weekend getaway.

Even though we both care about our families, most of our free time is for us. Vacations are for doing the things we’ve always wanted to do and share together, not for seeking out long lost relatives.

We both admit our faults, but have high standards. We want to live luxuriously someday, but don’t live beyond our means to get there.

I’ve been on this millionaire dating sites some times ago and found a special lady but finally our relationship hasn’t worked but I still think this website is special, and maybe I could find the good one here.

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