Three things to remember when dressing for first date

Your first date is an important one and everyone knows first impressions last. So when picking out your first date outfit keep in mind these things. Dress appropriately for the situation. If you are meeting for coffee dress casual. If you are going to a nice restaurant then more of a formal wear is in order. Do not show to much whether it be skin or cleavage. A little skin goes a long way and leave a lot to not only imagine but to anticipate. If you show all of your goods right of the bat then there’s nothing left to look forward to. Last but not least the most IMPORTANT thing to add to your first date ensemble is CONFIDENCE. When a woman has confidence it shows. Be secure in not only what your wearing but in yourself. Know that you are the catch and what type of woman you are and what you have to offer and that is the sexier than a black skimpy dress can ever be.

Good luck ladies.

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