To Text or Not to Text? An email is better!

Text etiquette is just as important as email or chat etiquette. When you are just beginning to get to know someone, what you decide to text can either make or break the deal. So let’s take a look at some scenarios in which you might find yourself when meeting that special someone online.

The first impression and communication is through the profile. Once you have passed the profile test and inspired some curiosity you are ready to for the next phase; the wink or chat. A wink is good but an email is better. Eventually you have to get started on emailing each other and hopefully that will lead to the exchange of phone numbers. That is where the question of “to text or not to text” comes into the picture.

One thing that is not recommended is that you continue the “getting to know you” via text. You should have completed most of your written communication by now. If you haven’t spoken on the phone yet, a short text asking if it’s a good time to call should be the only text you should be sending. Remember the rule: 1 text is sweet, 2 texts are a fine, but 3 texts was really a phone call. In essence, at this point texts should essentially be conversations that would take less time than polite greetings would. Texts can be cute and convenient, but they can also project the attitude that the other person is not worth the extra time it takes to make a call.

Although it is acceptable to send a short message like, “thinking of you” or “looking forward to meeting you tonight”, you should never ever ever ask someone on a date via text. Make sure you call to make a date. If you absolutely have to cancel a date because you have had a dire emergency, forget texting and make the call.

After you get to know each other more you will know when it is a good time to send a text and what you should send. If the person is in and out of meetings and can’t be disturbed please mind your fingers and don’t text. If you know the person in bed by 9pm don’t send texts at 11pm. Getting an e-card is nice but usually not if you are getting 5 or 6 of them throughout the day and absolutely not nice if you have been included in a thread with strangers that are getting the same text.

Now you can text away and mind your spelling while you are at it. It just takes a second to check if “ok” is what you really wanted to send, lol 🙂 .

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