What should you do if you get a call from a man on dating site?

A friend called me one day while at work freaking out. Her current crush asked her to have coffee later and she did not know how to respond. She gave me the rundown of the reasons why this guy was not good for her and then she stated why he was so good for her. She did not know what to do she was scared and asked me for advice. I replied “It’s coffee not marriage.”

Ladies, sometimes we throw away love before it even has a chance to start. When a guy asks you out it is because he is interested in knowing more about you. Guys have just as many questions as you do and that is why they ask you out. Our rational is not necessary in the game of love. Love has no rule, but it has to start before it can end.

When you date think of it as just that A DATE. Don’t think about what is going to happen later, don’t wonder if he is going to call; just relax and enjoy.

It is impossible to be yourself if you are so worried about what china will be on the table at the reception. Ladies have some dignity. Use the date to see if you would be interested in him. You are the one that should dictate whether you want to answer his calls.

If all this fails, please remember at least to breathe. Enjoy the moment, he could have asked anyone else, but he asked you. Don’t ruin it with your over analysis.

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