When should you meet after exchanging emails

Since I have experienced this more than once, I think meeting sooner than later is important. Many times we see a picture and find some interest. We then may start emailing and it is fun and it peaks our interest. I have had this happen to the point that you feel you have a connection, including beginning to talk on the phone, which may give you a deeper connection. It is disappointing to both parties to have that connection build up, only to meet in person and find that there isn’t physical chemistry. It is worse when you have high expectations because of the communication. It saves time, energy, and emotion to meet sooner than later. You can take a little time to talk and know that you at least have mutual interest, but I think it is better to meet in person to begin really learning about a person rather than getting too in depth from a distance. This can be more difficult if there is really a long distance, but if you don’t take the risk, there is nothing to gain. Find out if it is worth spending more time quickly. Until you talk and get that first kiss, you won’t really know.

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